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Donna Pugh

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Donna Pugh is our Accountant. Donna's favorite part of her job is meeting new customers, working with numbers, watching for new and different cars arriving on our lot and seeing satisfied customers take them home.

Donna carries an Associates Degree in Accounting and Finance and has twenty five years experience working for a C.P.A.

Some of Donna's interest include muscle cars, "War Eagle" Auburn, WWE Smack Down, RAW, NASCAR and CATS. Some of the interesting things about Donna, she was the proud owner of several muscle cars and street rods and she has enjoyed the company of many other car people. Her favorite car was her 1970 SS Chevelle and her 1972 SS Chevelle

Her favorite qoute is: "If It Ain't Steel It Ain't Real" (meaning no kit kars for her)
Samantha Key

Samantha Key View

Samantha job is to help out where is need. She does things that we don't always have time to do. Samantha will do anything that you ask of her and help customers whenever they need a ride home or to the store.

Samantha loves horses. She tries to ride as much as she can. She also will keep you laughing all day long. Samantha is a joy to have in our company.

Something she would like to share with all of you is Don't ask her the question if you don't like the answer.
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